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Amanita Mushrooms (Siberia)

Amanita muscaria is probably the oldest known entheogen used by man, it grows only in symbiosis with birch (betula ssp.) and/or pine (Pinus spp.) trees. In these places were these trees occur, it is found throughout the world. It can be found in the artic, temperate and even tropical climate zones. 


Fly Agaric mushrooms have been used from at least 400 BC by Shamans to induce invisible realities, used all over the world from Mexico to Siberia to Eastern Asia and have been identified as the ancient Soma drink referred to in ancient Hindu scriptures. The most ancient texts of the Hindu religion are the four books of the Vedas and a collection of hymns known as Rig Veda which is possibly the worlds oldest religious text that is still in use. The Rig Veda along with the Sama Veda tells of a ritual consumption of the psychoactive drink called Soma.


Our Amanita muscaria from Siberia also known as Fly Agaric Mushrooms are carefully graded to secure their quality

Botanical Name: Amanita Mushrooms (Siberia)
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