Resell Kratom

Are you looking to resell kratom and buy at wholesale prices by the kilo? 

If so you have come to the right place.  Wholesale Shamanic Herbs runs the largest LEGAL Kratom plantation in the world.   We supply most all Kratom resellers with their Kratom products by the kilo

We do however only sell kratom for resell to registered businesses.  We do not resell kratom to the general public, or people that just simply want to cut out the middle man and buy kratom kilos at discount prices for their own personal use.

If you are ready to start the business of resell kratom please fill out our business account application form to set up a wholesale account.  Once we have reviewed your application we will notify you by email if your kratom resell account has been approved, or if we need further verification documents from you before starting your online account.

Once you have an approved kratom resell account with Wholesale Shamanic Herbs you will be able to log on, 24-7-365 to place your orders for kratom by the kilo.

Please note that we also expect all of our kratom resellers to abide by our kratom vendor guidelines and market kratom in a responsible manner.  Those we find that do not do this will have their kratom resell accounts suspended promptly.

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